Production Design

I Graduated in 2017 in Design for Stage and Screen specialising in Production Design. Since completing my degree, I have spent time working on various projects in Ireland and Taiwan where I was based for three years of my career. Working abroad gave me the opportunity to work with new mediums & art forms, these experiences leaving a valuable impact on my artistic style and mindset.

Currently back in Ireland I work freelance with various companies and clients on a range of creative projects. With a 1st BA Hons in Production Design, the research & design process of my projects has always been of great importance to me. The design process has allowed me to develop and perfect my skills in model making and scenic painting. I commonly create scale models as both design concepts and stand- alone pieces working in a wide range of scales . My skills in creating detailed and realistic models go hand in hand with my ability to realise these projects to life size forms allowing me to be a competent creator of small scale and large scale 3D projects.  Over the last 10 years I have developed hands on skills in my industry working alongside and managing creative teams .

Street Art and Spectacle. 


In 2019 I had the opportunity to be the Creative Director and Designer of all in-house art projects of the annual October Dream Parade Carnival in Taipei, Taiwan. This event is recognised as South East Asia's largest street carnival, there I designed & participated in the building of many large scale performances and floats. I have also built immersive sets for Speil Convention in Germany, the world’s largest tabletop board gaming convention as well as smaller commissioned pieces for projects such as RTE’s Late Late Toy show and the Wax Museum in Dublin. Over the years I have gained experience working with various clients and working as part of a team. I value the ability to work collaboratively with various partners in a way which is creative and innovative.




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